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Miss USA 2010 is Rima Fakih

Last night the 2010 Miss USA pageant was televised live. One contestant representing each of the 51 US states was chosen to appear in the pageant. All of the contests were very beautiful and talented, easily among th most stunning women in all of America. The crown went to Rima Fakih, a Lebanese immigrant.

The 24-year-old reprenenting the state of Michigan was ecstatic to have won the competition. After the show she told reporters that a glance from Donald Trump led her to believe that she had won. Donal Trump owns the pageant along with NBC in a joint venture.

Fakih may be the first ever Arab-American to win the Miss USA pageant. She tells reporters that as a girl she went to a Catholic school and that her family celebrates both Moslem and Christian faiths. Pageant operators don't have enough records to verify whether or not Fakih is the first Arab-American to ever win the Miss USA pageant.

Rima Fakih Wins Miss USA 2010

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