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Inventory Listings System
   The Inventory Listings System allows you to create, manage and administer an online Inventory Listings System which can be integrated into your existing website or used alone in minutes! There is no need to hire a "web expert" to program the interface and "administer" it for you. There is no software or script to install. Create, manage and administer your site online using our free online software.
   You specify simple options such as the categories, layout and colors and...that's it! All for Free! See below FAQ for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I use the Inventory Listings System for? allows you to create an Online Inventory Listings System for almost anything. Of course you can use it to list merchandise available at your shop but it can be used in almost any instance where you categorize things. For instance, if you run a scuba shop and want to write articles about diving in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic, you can use our system to write the articles and have an inventory of your articles you've written categorized by region; sort of like a blog but organized by category rather than date. Although that sounds like a strange example, it demonstrates the flexibility of our system to handle nearly any situation where an inventory system is needs whether for physical items (such as merchandise) or electronic items (such as written articles).
  • Who should use the Software?
    There are many instances where a quick and simple on-line Inventory Listings System can be useful. For instance, if you run the scuba shop, you could have a Inventory Listings System where visitors could view your scuba equipment for sale.'s new Inventory Listings System allows you to do this and more.
  • How does it work?
    Basically there are four steps:
    A. You register. You register for our service.
    B. You enter the initial setting choices. Using our simple interface, you tell us what categories you are accepting listings for and what color scheme you want. For instance, if you run the scuba shop, one category might be 'Equipment'; and another might be 'Clothing'. We create the Inventory Listings System for you based on your information requirements and we tell you the Inventory Listings Page URL.
    C. You tell your visitors. Tell your visitors about your on-line Inventory Listings System. In the case of the scuba shop, you would tell visitors to go to the on-line Inventory Listings Page URL to peruse the existing listings. If you have an existing web-site you can have a link from it to the Inventory Listings Page URL. Another good way to make your users aware of the on-line Inventory Listings System is to include the Inventory Listings Page URL in all posters and other advertisements.
    D. You go to each category and add a listing for inclusion in the Inventory Listings System. On each category page, there is an Add Listing link and your employees (or you) can submit a listing for inclusion in the system by completing the form, the information they input is stored for you and automatically approved for listing or you can optionally have it held pending your approval. Approved listings can automatically be viewed by End Users visting the Inventory Listings Page URL.
  • Is there any programming script to install?
    No, there is no script or software to install. Simply sign-up for a free account and set-up, customize and manage your own site.
  • Is this online system free?
    Yes. However there are additional paid features which you may choose to enable.
  • Do I have to install any software or script?
    No, just compete the information in our simple interface and you're set. There is no software or script to install.
  • Can I use the service if I don't have my own website?
    Yes. Since you will be provided with your own customized Inventory Listings Page URL where your site can be found, just tell your users to go to that URL. You get to run and operate your own listings site without the need for having an existing website or webhosting.
  • How do I get users to use my Inventory Listings System?
    There are many ways you can do this depending on what sort of listings you are operating. If you have a 'For Sale' type listings for customers for instance, you can:
    (1) Add a link from your web-site to the Inventory Listings Page URL
    (2) Include the Inventory Listings Page URL in all your advertisements
    (3) Print the Inventory Listings Page URL on business size cards and hand it out at your shop or at other events
    (4) Post the Inventory Listings Page URL on your store announcements board
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